International Combat Aikijujutsu Federation


Thank you for visiting the official home of the International Combat Aikijujutsu Federation. The ICAJF is a world governing body for Aikibudo and related martial disciplines.
The International Combat Aikijujutsu Federation (ICAJF) welcomes all practitioners of combat Aiki into the fraternal fellowship and community of our organization. ICAJF recognizes, endorses and promotes the principles, techniques and philosophies of combat arts stemming from Japan.


We offer our members the following:
  • Reasonable Membership Fees
  • Internationally Recognized and Certified Rank
  • Internationally Recognized and Certified Instructor Certification
  • Style/System Recognition and Endorsement
  • Headmaster/Kaiso Certification

The International Combat Aiki-jujutsu Federation is an international fellowship of Aiki practitioners.

Get Ready...

Coming Soon...

The International Combat Aikijujutsu Federation will be enrolling students online to learn ICAJF Combat Aikijujutsu through a dynamic, interactive format.
Students will learn the required techniques leading up to Shodan (1st Degree Black Belt).
Techniques will include, but not limited to: 
  • Ukemi waza
  • Atemi waza
  • Geri waza
  • Kansetsu waza
  • Nage waza
  • Goshin waza
  • Shime waza

Online 24/7 Access
$29.99 per month