International Combat Aikijujutsu Federation

International Combat Aikijujutsu Federation is the World Governing Body for modern and traditional ICAJF Aiki-jujutsu, Aiki-bujutsu, Aiki-budo, Jujitsu and Goshinjutsu.
ICAJF is an international fellowship of martial artists, dedicated to the principles, philosophies, promotion, training and endorsement of Aiki systems around the world. ICAJF is a non-political, non-discriminatory fellowship of practitioners, ranging in style, technique, lineage, and heritage. However, we unite under the broad spectrum of Aiki-Budo in an effort to share, learn and grow in fellowship, technique and application.
We invite all practitioners of Aiki-based systems, both traditional and modern, to unite with the International Combat Aiki-jujutsu Federation. We offer our members the following:
  • Annual and Lifetime Membership
  • International Rank Recognition
  • Official ICAJF Budo Passport
  • Cross-training/Cross-ranking opportunity
  • Black Belt Listing on the ICAJF web site
  • School/Club/Organization Charter
  • Rank Certification and Advancement
  • International Instructor Certification and Title to those who qualify
  • International System/Style Recognition to those who qualify
  • International Headmaster and Kaiso Council to those who qualify


The International Combat Aikijujutsu Federation is organized specifically for the following purposes:
  1. To provide a means of training in Aiki-based arts.
  2. To preserve the knowledge and integrity of Aiki-based systems, including Aiki-jujutsu/Aikido/Jujutsu and its various derivatives.
  3. To provide a means of fellowship amongst various branches of Aiki-based organizations.
  4. To provide an avenue of recognition for practitioners of Aiki-based systems.
  5. To establish basic guidelines by which all members will observe.
  6. To provide a means of certification and validation for practitioners of Aiki-based arts.
  7. To recognize, certify and endorse member schools (dojos), clubs and study groups.
  8. To recognize, sanction and endorse new and unique systems based on the principles and philosophies of Aiki-based arts.


The mission of the International Combat Aiki-jujutsu Federation is to provide an atmosphere of fellowship and brotherhood among all practitioners of Aiki-based arts; to promote, endorse, teach and convey the principles, philosophies and techniques of Aiki-based arts; to continue and preserve the traditional aspects, both in concept and application of Aiki-jujutsu/Jujutsu/Goshinjutsu; to provide our members with valid and recognized certification; and to promote an arena by which all members may expand their technical skills, knowledge and abilities.
The Kamon is a copyrighted emblem of International Combat Aikijujutsu Federation.
The official Kamon (emblem/logo) of the International Combat Aiki-jujutsu Federation is a voided (black and white) flower. The full-color version is awarded only to those who have been appointed to serve as Directors (Executive Board) by the Kaicho of the International Combat Aikijujutsu Federation. The black and white version is the general symbol used by all members of ICAJF.