International Combat Aikijujutsu Federation

The International Combat Aikijujutsu Federation recognizes, sanction and endorses systems of Aikijujutsu, Aikibujutsu, Aikibudo, Jujutsu and Goshinjutsu. The Headmaster/Founder of each system is required to meet stringent qualifications before induction into the ICAJF Headmaster & Kaiso Council. Opportunity for new systems to gain recognition is provided in a fair, non-political manner.
The requirements are as follows:
  1. The Headmaster/Founder must provide sufficient proof that he/she is either the legitimate heir or founder of the system.
  2. The Headmaster/Founder will supply adequate proof of the following: A minimum of a 5th Degree Black Belt in a recognized and sanctioned system of Aikijujutsu, Aikido, Aikibudo, Goshinjutsu or Jujutsu
  3. A minimum of at least two (2) other Dan grades in two other sanctioned and recognized systems/styles of martial arts
  4. A minimum of at least one (1) teaching certification (Master Level)
  5. Submission of the history and philosophy of the system to be sanctioned
    NOTE: the style/system must be “unique” and “original”
  6. Submission of the training/grading history of the Headmaster/Founder including dates, instructors and contact information.
  7. Submission of the Training/Grading Syllabus of the new system up to and including 3rd Degree Black Belt
  8. The candidate will supply a minimum of three (3) Letters of Recommendation from martial artists who are familiar with the candidate and his/her system.
    NOTE: Letters of Recommendation can not and will not be accepted from members who are related to the candidate by either blood or marriage.
  9. The candidate will submit a video (DVD) of him/herself performing the required techniques of the new system up to and including 3rd Degree Black Belt.
Upon review by the members of the International Combat Aiki-jujutsu Federation Headmaster and Kaiso Council, the candidate will be notified of the findings of the Council and if favorable, the candidate will be received into the Headmaster and Kaiso Council.
New systems/styles recognized by International Combat Aikijujutsu Federation will receive a Letter of Recognition (Proclamation of Recognition) of the new system/style, which will be signed and sealed by all members of the Headmaster and Kaiso Council. Additionally, the Headmaster/Founder of the recognized and sanctioned style/system will be granted rank in accordance to age and ability.
NOTE: The International Combat Aikijujutsu Federation  WILL NOT  issue and/or bestow ranks of 8th – 10th Dan upon any individual who does not meet the Minimum Age and TimeInGrade requirements .