International Combat Aikijujutsu Federation

Nidan191 year after Shodan
Sandan212 years after Nidan
Yondan243 years after Sandan
Godan284 years after Yondan
Rokudan335 years after Godan
Shichidan396 years after Rokudan
Hachidan467 years after Shichidan
Kudan558 years after Hachidan
Judan659 years after Kudan
The International Combat Aikijujutsu Federation  WILL NOT  issue and/or bestow ranks of 8th – 10th Dan upon any individual who does not meet the Minimum Age and Time-In-Grade requirements .

Rank is an Honor - Not a Privilege

As practitioners of Japanese Aiki-budo, we carry the awesome task of preserving the traditions and heritage of days gone by. We are “burdened,” if you will, with the responsibility of learning ancient forms of warrior arts, bringing them into a reasonable and cohesive framework for today’s modern practitioner.
Often times we are faced with understanding how things work. We are faced with a clear set of rules, regulations and guidelines that are meant to provide us with a standardized curriculum and reasonable mode of learning, growing, advancement and expanding upon what we have learned.
Unfortunately, in today’s modern world, some who desire to be acknowledged for their work and dedication to the arts forget that there are long established protocols that must be adhered to. We have seen many 20-year-old “Grandmasters,” “Soke,” etc. – yet few of them have ever really “dedicated themselves to learning one art, rather, they are content with knowing a little of this, and a little of that, which in their own obscure mind makes them a “Grand Pooh-Bah” of the martial arts.
In earlier days, there was no such thing as a 10th Degree Black Belt. There were no Shodans, Nidans and Sandans. There were simply those who learned each level of their particular art and were acknowledged with the recognition and teaching status called “Menkyo.”
The Menkyo system is one of the best methods to prevent those who desire to jump ahead. It requires them to truly master a specific group of skills and techniques, which then affords them the knowledge to transmit the knowledge they have learned.
In most classical martial arts, the Menkyo system is still revered and enforced. These particular levels of transmission range from basic transmission to the revered status of Menkyo Kaiden, which is a license of full and complete transmission.
It is amazing that there are so many high-ranking individuals who are under 40 years old. Many believe that because they are the “Founder” of their particular “system,” that they are automatically designated the rank and privilege of 10th Dan. They believe that due to the fact that they have “created,” their own “brand” of martial arts, they are somehow above the rules and regulations and principles that have guided martial artists for years. In fact, those who have truly organized their own system of martial arts will tell you that it takes them years – even a lifetime to perfect, review and revise their expression of budo, until finally they truly become the master of their own teachings.
The questions that arise then are, “What do we do with them?” “Do we allow them to continue in ignorance, or do we extend an olive branch of peace, and help guide them along their way?” “Is there a way to establish a clear set of guidelines for them to follow?”
The answers to these questions may not be what most in this category want to hear. However, the fact is that there needs to be someone, some group or organization that will stand up and denounce such practices. There has to be a voice of reason, and wisdom must guide us in our endeavors, otherwise our pursuits will become lost causes.
The International Combat Aiki-jujutsu Federation will be one of the few organizations that take an active stance against this type of abuse. In fact, ICAJF adheres to strict time-in-grade and age requirements to even qualify for Dan ranking. Therefore, the ICAJF will not acknowledge any individual who does not meet the stringent requirements for proficiency as well as age.
We all make mistakes. In fact, when we are young and ignorant, it is almost expected of us. However, when we grow up, mature, and really understand our purpose – Then we can humble ourselves, sit down and learn.

D. Chase, Kaiso

ICAJF Kaicho